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This isn’t your typical Sci-Fi blog

I ♥ Sci-Fi is different. We share the backstories behind a wide variety of Sci-Fi books, movies, television shows, comics, and video games. We don’t discriminate, either.

We’re Sci-Fi and History Buffs.

We believe immersing yourself in a work of science fiction becomes easier when you understand the author’s/director’s/artist’s/developer’s perspective. What shaped the world when the work was first released? Knowledge allows you – the Sci-Fi fan – to better understand and appreciate it.

Why Does Some Sci-Fi Stand the Test of Time and Others Don’t?

For a work of science fiction to survive the test of time, it must remain relevant. Consider 1984 by George Orwell. It became quite relevant in 2016.

google trends graph

Google Trends graph from January, 2015 to December, 2017.

See that spike around January 20, 2017? That’s Inauguration Day in the United States; the day Donald Trump was sworn in as president. Terms like “alternative facts” from Trump’s campaign hit the media. Suddenly 1984 became relevant again.

Don’t misunderstand our point. We’re not sharing our political opinion. We never will, since this site is about Sci-Fi and not politics. However, data proves the spike of interest in 1984 was directly attributed to Trump becoming president.

1984‘s newfound relevance was based on coincidence. Does that mean we have to wait for another coincidence for other Sci-Fi material to become relevant?

Heck no.

Everything Can Become Relevant

We can make every work of science fiction relevant again by understanding:

  • The creator’s inspiration for the work of fiction
  • The creator’s background and what shaped them throughout their career
  • What the world was like at the time the work was created
  • What technology existed at the time the work was created? What tech didn’t exist yet?
  • How well was the work received when it was initially released?
  • and many more similar questions

You’ll get a very entertaining history lesson with each of our posts that are guaranteed to enhance your Sci-Fi adventures.

Plus, we want your feedback! We read every bit of feedback received to improve I ♥ Sci-Fi. Please actively engage our content with comments, shares, and likes.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to providing you great Sci-Fi content for many years to come!

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