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FREE BOOK: Waking Iceman by C R Wahl

An 8000-year-old mystery is about to be solved—by the witness himself. Two mountain climbers in the French Alps have made a startling discovery—a perfectly preserved frozen Neolithic human. But who was this Iceman, what was he doing high on a glacier 8000 years ago, and why was he carrying a strange metallic cylinder?

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Best Sci-Fi Kindle Deals for April 19th, 2021

Today’s selection surprisingly showcases a slew of sci-fi classics, including The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison, and Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon (although referring to the latter as a classic is a bit of a stretch). Regardless, they’re all great reads and if you love sci-fi (which you do, or you wouldn’t be here, right?), you should grab these while the deals are hot!

As for the rest – Deep Space Boogie by Scott Baron has such an amazing book title and cover page. Plus, Baron has about a billion books available on Amazon, all having hundreds of reviews and are highly rated. Best of all – they’re quick reads. The same goes for A.L. Aborn’s A Girl Forsaken. It’s a quick 158 pages. Maybe I’m biased since I’m a New Englander, but I love apocalyptic novels that take place up here (I’m looking at you, The Stand). This one starts in New Hampshire, the beautiful state with the White Mountains.

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Best Sci-Fi Kindle Deals for April 18th, 2021

Today’s books showcase a slight lack of variety in book covers. I’m talking to you, Bad Luck Charlie, Sol Strike, and A Quiet Revolution! Regardless, based on the ratings and reviews I saw, they should make for great reads for all sorts of sci-fi fans. For those with fewer ratings on Amazon, I defer to the author’s other books and if they were well-received.  

Although I’m still shocked Amazon hasn’t phased out Prime Reading yet, I was happy to find a few great sci-fi books in the mix, notably Joe Haldeman’s Forever Free and Timothy Zahn’s Night Train to Rigel. 

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