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Friday’s Fresh Finds: New Sci-Fi Kindle Books for April 2nd

Check out the newest sci-fi book release, available on Amazon soon! I decided to start buying one book from each week’s post. This week, I decided on Beyond Kidding by Lynda Clark. The idea of a man making up a fake son to get out of working sounds funny. Then imagine you make up a kidnapping of that same fake son. Then the kidnappers bring you a child that looks exactly like the fake son you made up. What a mind trip!

I hope you decide to buy at least one book from these weekly lists. If you do, let me know which book you choose in the comments, and don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads!

Kindle Books

Panspermia: A Story of Intelligence, both Natural and Artificial by Patrick J. O’Connor

Rogue Planet Safely Passes by Solar System
For most residents of the Solar System, this headline was a relief. They could relax and go back to their normal lives. For those in the Space Agencies of the human home-world, it was just the opposite—cause for frantic activity. Although it might be hundreds of years before humans could visit a world from another solar system, here was one that had come to visit us. By good fortune, this discovery was made just after the United States had finished its testing of a new kind of space-exploration vehicle, the first that would be able to chase and catch the interstellar vagabond before it was gone. A crew from the major space powers of Earth was prepared and set out for the unknown planet.

Would a world from another system be like the worlds that orbit our Sun? What surprises would they find? Would everybody come back?

Pages: 342

Beyond Kidding by Lynda Clark

When Robert (or Kidder, as his best friend calls him) decides to impress at a job interview by making up a son, he discovers that maintaining the lie is far harder than he thought—so he invents a story that ‘Brodie’ has been kidnapped. After all, it’s not like they’re going to find the fake boy. But a few weeks later, Kidder receives a call to collect his non-existent son from the police station—a boy who looks exactly like the picture he photoshopped. . . A darkly humorous, genre-bending work of literary sci-fi. Lynda Clark is a new talent to discover for lovers of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Coupland.

Pages: 337

This is Lynda Clark’s first novel!

Border Shock: A Sci-Fi Horror Novel: Shock Series, Book 3 (The Shock Series) by Wallace Henry

The only thing Guerra hasn’t encountered on this ship is his own death—which lurks around every corner.

When Guerra finally makes it back inside The ARK, he teams up with a strange loner who claims to know exactly where to go. He trusts her no more than he trusts himself, and that isn’t saying a lot. They’ll have to wind their way through the dark corners of the quickly crumbling ship, encountering hellish dangers among the shadows and ruins of the stranger’s homeland. Undead priests? Check. Monstrous aliens? Yup. An easy way out? Absolutely…not. As Guerra and this mysterious girl weave a path of destruction through the bowels of The ARK, he comes to learn the truth—a truth the may cost him his life. If he’s lucky, that might be all it costs him. Book Three in the Shock series. Fans of AlienEvent Horizon, and Doom will enjoy this novel of science fiction horror. Check it out if you like a little blood on your spacesuit.

…there’s snippets of Doom, Dawn of the Dead, and several other shows… Amazon Review

Def very creepy too but in a demonic and interesting way. —Amazon Review

Pages: 208

Burned and Scarred (Burn this City Book 2) by Brenda Poppy

Life outside the domed city of Kasis is impossible – or at least that’s what its citizens have always been told. But when Burn finds herself on the wrong side of the ruling Peace Force – and the wrong side of the city’s walls – what she discovers could upend civilization as they know it. Stranded on opposite sides of the dome, gifted sisters Burn and Scar must battle villainous forces, fantastical creatures, and ruthless environments in hopes of finding their way back to each other. While Burn tackles the unforgiving desert and the supercharged mutants who call it home, Scar must fight her way to the far reaches of the polluted metropolis in search of answers. The second installment in the Burn this City trilogy sees both women thrust into an epic adventure that forces them to question everything they’ve come to know. Who can they trust? What are they willing to sacrifice? And what are they truly capable of?

Pages: 202

This is book two from Poppy’s Burn this City series. The first book, Burn this City, can be purchased on Amazon here.

Hit & Fade (Forgotten Ruin Book 2) by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

For the Rangers, the best defense is always… more offense. As an overwhelming army of skeletons, wraiths, ghouls, and other dark creatures—all serving a powerful undead sorcerer—advance against Forward Operating Base Hawthorn, the Rangers must now do what they do best: go on the extreme offense. It’s time to Hit and Fade. Attack, withdraw, and outmaneuver the enemy. PFC Talker, attached to the weapons team section of a Ranger recon patrol led by Captain Knife Hand, recounts the harrowing attempt to destabilize this surreal and horrific nightmare force with everything the snipers, master breachers, and stone-cold killers of the Ranger regiment have in their bag of lethal tricks. Abating, channelizing, and leading the enemy into a series of devastating traps involving everything from kinetically violent ambushes to immensely explosive crater munitions, the Rangers strike at the enemy as death personified, fading like ghosts only when the dead are dead once again.

When facing Rangers, even nightmares are afraid. Purchase this action-packed second installment in the Forgotten Ruin series today!

Anspach and Cole have written a ton of wildly successful sci-fi books, mostly in the military sub-genre. Check them out on Amazon here!

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