Top 10 Scariest Sci-Fi Movies of the 1980s

What’s up I Heart Sci-Fi fans, this is Seth and I’m back with another great episode. You know I love Sci-Fi movies and today you and I will be looking at the top ten scariest sci-fi movies of the 1980s. I’ve got some great movies on this list, but the one I’m most excited about is The Thing because it not only scared the crap out of me, it also was the first movie that I remember seeing without any digital effects. You’ll have to wait to see where it lands on my list…so get ready for me to break down some of the scariest sci-fi movies of the 80s in this week’s episode of the I Heart Sci-Fi Podcast!

So we all know the 80s were the peak of horror movie gore. It seemed like if there wasn’t a John Hughes movie premiering at the theater, rest assured you’d have a few horror movies to choose from.

I mean, the decade brought us classics like Child’s Play, Hellraiser, The Evil Dead, The Howling, Poltergeist, Cujo, Fright Night, Gremlins, The Fog, and on and on.

But it also provided some of the greatest scary science fiction movies of all time. We’re going to dive into what I consider the top ten.

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