Guess Which Popular Disney+ Series Returns October 30th. This Is The Way.

Exciting news, sci fi fans: The Mandalorian season 2 premiers on Disney+ on October 30th! The second season of Disney’s popular series marks the first new Star Wars saga since The Rise of Skywalker premiered last December.

Since the show’s premiere last year, the show achieved wild success. The Mandalorian has been rated the most-anticipated TV series this fall. Even Star Wars creator George Lucas is a fan. 

“He’s been very complimentary. I think he’s enjoyed the show, and he said once [that] now he gets to watch it as a fan and watch it as a viewer. When I talk with him, I like to get more knowledge. He’ll give me some reminders, especially before I shoot something, about how many setups I should try to get in a day, and I might rack his brain for certain things about how to cover a scene.”

– Executive producer Dave Filoni (via The Hollywood Reporter )

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

Cast & Characters

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin/The Mandalorian, aka Mando

Carl Weathers as Greef Karga

Gina Carano as Cara Dune

Sasha Banks in an unknown role

Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon

Taika Waititi as IG-11 (voice)

Timothy Olyphant possibly as Boba Fett

Rosario Dawson presumably as Ahsoka Tano (a Clone Wars fan-favorite Jedi)

Werner Herzog as The Client

What’s the Story With Baby Yoda?

Without having a name yet, fans resorted to referring to the small child alien Mando saved as “Baby Yoda”. However, that doesn’t mean the creature is in fact Yoda reincarnate. That’s not the only thing that hasn’t been revealed. We have no idea what species Baby Yoda is, nor his home planet. 

baby yoda
Adorable Baby Yoda

“This takes place after Return of the Jedi. The fans of the original trilogy will remember that Yoda not only passes away but actually disappears. So Yoda exists as a Force Ghost. But this Baby Yoda character is called Baby Yoda by most people because there’s no name for the Yoda species.”

– Jon Favreau via USA Today

That leaves fans with three important questions about Baby Yoda:

  1. Where did Baby Yoda come from?
  2. Why does the man known as The Client want Baby Yoda?
  3. What is Mando going to do with Baby Yoda?

Who is Ahsoka Tano, Anyway?

Younger Star Wars fans are most excited about seeing the first live-action version of Ahsoka Tano. Many millennials grew up watching The Clone Wars animated series where the character was introduced. The Clone Wars takes place between Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The young Jedi quickly became a fan-favorite as a padawan of Anakin Skywalker, who nicknamed her ‘Snips’. 

ahsoka tano
Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars

Over time, Ahsoka matures into a strong leader in the Grand Army of the Republic. She eventually eschewed the Jedi order and became a force-sensitive outcast. At one point she joins the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Ahsoka even has ties to Rey Skywalker.

Although Disney hasn’t confirmed anything officially, it’s safe to assume Rosario Dawson will portray Ahsoka in The Mandalorian season two.

What’s the Significance of Mandalorian Sigils?

Each sigil represents a branch clan of Mandalorian factions. In season one, The Armorer gave Mando and Baby Yoda the sigil of the Mud Horn – the creature both Mando and Baby Yoda defeated early in season one. 

mandalorian factions

What Was the Sword Moff Gideon Wielded at the End of Season One?

I can’t answer one of the biggest questions fans have regarding Moff Gideon: Is he force-sensitive or not? However, I can provide info on the super cool glowing black sword he wielded at the end of season one.

Moff Gideon wielding the Darksaber
Moff Gideon wielding the Darksaber

The sword, known as the Darksaber in Star Wars canon, made its first appearance in the animated The Clone Wars series. The weapon made its last appearance (before The Mandalorian) in the hands of a Mandalorian named Bo-Katan. We don’t know how Moff Gideon came upon the sword (yet). 

According to, the Darksaber goes back to the time of Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi Knight. He created a one-of-a-kind lightsaber with a flat blade of dark, swirling energy. In the Star Wars Rebels episode “Trials of the Darksaber,” Fenn Rau shared more of the Mandalorian folklore surrounding the weapon. 

The Darksaber in The Clone Wars
The Darksaber in The Clone Wars

“Legend tells that it was created over 1,000 years ago by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order,” Rau told Kanan Jarrus. “After his passing, the Jedi kept the saber in their temple. That was until members of House Vizsla snuck in and liberated it.”

Is Boba Fett Still Alive?

Boba Fett is without a doubt the biggest fan-favorite of the entire Star Wars franchise. Despite having only brief appearances, his beloved Mandalorian armor quickly made him a legend. 

Star Wars fan-favorite Boba Fett
Star Wars fan-favorite Boba Fett

Yes, he fell into Sarlacc pit and presumably died in Return of the Jedi. But that doesn’t stop fans from their own theories that Fett could have survived the pit. Many fans are hoping Boba Fett makes an appearance in season two of The Mandalorian. Yours truly included.


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn excited for The Mandalorian season 2. Do you have any theories about Baby Yoda, Moff Gideon, Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano, or the Darksaber? Let me know in the comments below!

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