New Hilarious Sci-Fi Short Film by Dust: FLOATERS

You all know how much I love Dust’s sci-fi shorts on Youtube (although I’ll never spend 10 hours straight watching them as I did in this post!). I just finished watching one of their funniest to date – FLOATERS.

Check it out:

Even in the future, people are idiots, they’re just in spaceships now.

“FLOATERS” by Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts

Connect with the Filmmakers:

More About “FLOATERS”: High in the sky of a sci-fi metropolis a lone spaceship is confronted by a much larger and more intimidating vessel. When the bigger ship asks the small one why they share the same identification number a strange quandary forms and a mile-high debate ensues.

“FLOATERS” Credits:

  • Directed by Karl Poyzer & Joseph Roberts
  • Written by Joseph Roberts
  • Designed and Animated by Karl Poyzer
  • Sound Design by Tom Pugh at Grand Central Recording Studios
  • Music by Pete “Technicolour” Rogers
  • Starring: Rachel Stubbings Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Jake Yapp

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