New for 2021 Sci-Fi Short Film Flyby by DUST Will Have You Reaching for Tissues

DUST is back with another amazing sci-fi short film that will bring a tear to your eye – especially if you’re a father. Along the lines of Adam Sandler’s Click, Flyby shows what can happen if a mysterious asteroid passes by Earth (and ultimately orbits the planet for a lifetime). What if that asteroid warps time for some people? Could your life go by in the flash of an eye?

The asteroid

Although not as tear-jerking as, say, Pixar’s Up (2009), Flyby will put you on an emotional roller-coaster. That is, assuming you’re not an empty, emotionless shell of a human 🙂

Flyby by DUST:

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From Flyby’s by DUST’s YouTube page:

When a passing asteroid begins to affect how people perceive time, one man struggles to keep up with a life that is quickly disappearing into the future.

Flyby by Jesse Mittelstadt

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“Flyby” Credits


  • Bill / Riley Egan
  • Otto / Charles Chu
  • Rob / Justin Rupple
  • Jan / Torrey DeVitto
  • Cora / Tommee May
  • Bartender / Chris Reagan
  • Driver / Ryan P. Shrime
  • Young Maven / Bardot Corso
  • Dr. Revere / Phil Abrams
  • Sala / Chelsea Harris
  • Bosely / Akul Dang
  • Dr. Swales / Caity Ware
  • Adult Maven / Tommee May
  • Rana / Valeria Maldonado
  • Tom / Adam Mayfield
  • Bar Patrons / Kylie Anderson, Mark Berry, Jackee Bianchi, Dan Foote, Garrett Goldenberg, Kari Hall, Zoi Harmon, Jacob Mondry, Caitlin Randolf, Jerry Temple


  • Writer / Jesse Mittelstadt
  • Director / Jesse Mittelstadt
  • Producer / Tommee May
  • Executive Producer / Riley Egan
  • Producer / Britnie Banks
  • Producer / Caity Ware
  • Consulting Producer / Candace Silvers
  • 1st AD / Lisandro Novillo
  • Production Assistant / Veronica Amick Becerra
  • Script Supervisor / Shawn Tira
  • Script Assistant / Sotida Arpon
  • DP / Nathan Haugaard
  • 1st AC / Jay Kaufman
  • Camera Operator / Tyson Galland
  • Camera PA / Jeremy Basset
  • DIT / Brie Johnson
  • Production Sound Mixer / Will Ogilvie
  • Boom Operator / Patrick Williams
  • Key Grip / Jonathan Gomez
  • Gaffer / Matthew Waltz
  • Swing / Jesse Haycraft
  • Production Designer / Chad Phillips
  • Costume Designer / Daniel Mahler
  • Head Makeup Artist / Brielle McKenna
  • Makeup Artist / Laura Lieffring
  • Makeup Assistant / Brittney Hall Conkle
  • Studio Teacher / Todd Pliss
  • Locations Manager / Chris Reagan
  • Editor / Jeremy Edwards
  • VFX by / Redi Studios
  • VFX Supervisor / Rick Redick
  • VFX Producer / Beth Redick
  • VFX Artists, William Higgins, MB Emigh, David Sarbell
  • 3D/CG Animator / David Morton
  • Graphics / John Younger, Cassandra Korbey, Eric Depalo
  • Sound Design, Patrick Giraudi, Bastien Benkhelil
  • Colorist / Mark Todd Osborne
  • Music Supervisor / Rachel Lautzenheiser
  • Music by / Kyle de Tarnowsky
  • Special Thanks / Kari hall, Marta Cross, The Hudson LA, Hollywood Green Screen Studio, Dee May, Spencer Jordan, Paula Rossman, Eliza Egan Smith, Janet Jordan, Sheila Hughes, Dalynn May, Bier, Jim Patrick, Jaqueline Egan, Thomas Egan, Monet Corso, Michael Egan, SJ Egan, Marie Castellon, Robin Lebowitz, Geraldine Berkowitz

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