The Leslie Kim Serial Omnibus: Books 001-103

Four Complete Stories in One Paperback Collection

Four individual serials are included in this paperback collection: The Departure, Mythical Investigations, The Gnome Situation, and Dragon Bounty. Pre-order the collection now! Release date: January 31, 2021.

Description from Book 1: Mythical Investigations

Leslie Kim escaped Earth in the height of its takeover from Vampires. He’s left his career as a Bounty Hunter in the past, along with his old flings and bad memories. Now, he’s living on Kapaton, a planet that was discovered after they opened up a black hole to Earth and invaded. The Vampires discovered that they could go outside during the day in the new world, and Leslie found himself a new gig as a Private Investigator.

He’s living out of a rusted old camping ship that he modified for intergalactic travel and trying to break out of old routines by dating a Vampire. Until a once-believed mythical creature is unleashed on the Kapatonian population and his first customer wants him to find her missing husband, Leslie was living a relaxed lifestyle. Now, he’s tangled up in both problems and he’s starting to worry that he won’t solve either.

This Science Fiction/Mystery cross-over is action packed, fast paced, and full of Grootslang sized problems. Join the adventure as Leslie Kim juggles cases, Alien governments, and relationships, with only the aid of his unsympathetic AI, Frank.

A SciFi Private Investigator: Leslie Kim

Leslie Kim is a Vampire hunter turned private investigator. After a huge mistake on Earth leads to him being hunted with a price on his own head, he travels to the planet of Kapaton. The bizarre aliens are studying mythical creatures found on Earth; a Grootslang, Gnomes, and Vampires. Leslie’s history as a hunter complicates things when he falls for a Vampire named Elena. He’s solving extraordinary cases and stumbles upon an intergalactic conspiracy.

A Word from the Author:

I created The Leslie Kim Serials back in 2017. From the beginning, I wanted to create shorter books that were quicker for a busy adult audience to read. If a novel was a movie, then my novellas would be like an episode of a television series. Each individual story follows a private investigator, Leslie Kim, as he tackles the monster of the week. The first three books also tell a larger story about a foreign alien government.

Once I finished the third installment, I had the idea to do a collection of the first “season” in print. I have plans to do more seasons, with each serial tackling its own case and the season telling a larger story. That’s the reason that each book has a three-digit number. Those in the “0” season will be prequel, those in the “1” season will be the first season, and so forth.

I hope that you will enjoy The Leslie Kim Serials because I’d really like to keep writing them. 

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