Gina Carano vs. Disney Intense Drama Not Ending Any Time Soon

You can’t avoid the drama between Gina Carano and Disney lately. No matter where you look, someone posts something new, adding to the drama. Well, I suffer from FOMO and felt the need to throw my hat into the mix!

As you may already know, I love getting to the history of a topic. So even though I knew enough of the situation, I chose to dive deeper and dish it out here for you, my drama-loving sci-fi fans.


The drama began in 2020 when the actress became more politically conscious. She chose this presidential election to mark the first time she ever voted. The conservative actress’s tumultuous year began in September. Carano asked social media followers to clarify why many people include pronouns after their names on their social media profiles. After she received the clarification she requested, Carano changed her profile on Instagram and Twitter to include ‘boop/bop/beep’. It was an attempt at a joke, however poor and distasteful the joke was.

Carano's insensitive instagram name change.

Even after her The Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal spoke, where he explained to her why people put preferred pronouns in their bios, she still chose to poke fun. By the way, Pedro Pascal’s sister recently came out as transgender and Pascal celebrated with her. Carano should start taking notes and learn from her former co-star. It didn’t take long for the #FireGinaCarano hashtag to start trending.

Carano acknowledging Pedro Pascal spoke with her and helped her understand preferred pronouns, while she continued to mock them.

Gina Carano Spreading Fake News

For Carano’s next act, she started sharing politically-motivated posts poking fun at the requirement to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic…

Carano's Tweet making fun of wearing a mask during a pandemic

She also posted Tweets promoting voter fraud propaganda after the 2020 election results didn’t go her way…

carano's tweet promoting voter fraud propaganda


As if poking fun at the transgender community wasn’t enough, Gina Carano then went on to share images and posts hinting at antisemitism (some were blatant, others had anti-Semitic undertones). Her most recent compared the treatment of Jews during the Nazi Germany era to that of what Republican supporters experience today. The backlash from this post was much worse than the pronoun one. From an objective perspective, the post seems to be the last straw Disney was willing to tolerate with Carano. She was fired the same day.

The post that got Carano fired

Gina Carano Vows to “Go Down Swinging”

Whereas Black Panther star Letitia Wright and Mulan star Liu Yifei chose to ‘toe the line’ for Disney after they incited their own drama on social media, Carano chose to go forward full steam ahead, challenging Disney and damn near forcing their hand in firing her.

Carano recently turned to failed screenwriter Ben Shapiro for an interview on The Ben Shapiro Show. FYI, The Daily Wire’s Shapiro is Carano’s new boss, too. The fired actress accused Disney and Lucasfilm of bullying her and other actors and for having a double-standard based on political views. Caution: some readers may find this interview misleading and frustrating to watch.

Despite all of the drama from the last few months, Gina Carano’s popularity has actually risen, according to IMDb’s Starmeter. Currently, Carano holds the #2 position behind Elizabeth Olsen, making this the first time I can recall an actor not only surviving but thriving after getting fired and attacked by ‘Cancel Culture.’ Is this a new trend, pushing back on ‘Cancel Culture’? Only time will tell.

Star Wars Vacancy – Where Does Disney Go From Here?

There’s no way to deny it – Gina Carano’s The Mandalorian character Cara Dune played a prominent role in the franchise. She was even supposed to star in the upcoming spin-off Rangers of the New Republic. Disney and Lucasfilm have scrapped all plans associated with her character. From what I was able to find out, Disney plans to simply ignore her character moving forward, rather than writing her off the show.

With season 2 of The Mandalorian showcasing a slew of new characters, I don’t think it will be difficult for the show to carry on without Cara Dune. Plus there’s Luke Skywalker… could we see Sebastian Stan as Luke?

The Mandalorian season 2 characters

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