Godzilla vs Kong – Who Will Win the Battle of the Powerful Titans?

godzilla vs kong face-off

The highly-anticipated rematch between Godzilla vs Kong is less than a month away, and you still can’t decide who you want to win? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With so much buzz surrounding this film, which has been brewing for years, you’d think everyone would be on the same page. Yet, fans of the two franchises remain divided – with some even arguing that the showdown isn’t even a fair one. Godzilla fans claim Kong is “just an animal” and cannot use his intelligence to win. Yet, Kong fans defend by arguing that the monster is a primate with higher intelligence.

What side are you on?

You better choose soon because Legendary Entertainment continues their Monsterverse with Godzilla vs. Kong’s release, set to premiere in both theaters and HBO Max on March 31, 2021.

Legendary handed the reins over to Death Note (2017) director Adam Wingard, giving him a budget rumored between $160-200 million USD. Based on a screenplay by Eric Pearson (Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow) and Max Borenstein (all previous Monsterverse movies), the movie stars Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, The Legend of Tarzan) as Nathan Lind, Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) as Madison Russell, Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3, The Night House) as Ilene Andrews, Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta, Joker) as Bernie Hayes, Shun Oguri (Lupin the 3rd, Crows Zero) as Ren Serizawa, Eiza González (Bloodshot, Hobbs & Shaw) as Maya Simmons, Demián Bichir (A Better Life, Alien: Covenant) as Walter Simmons.

The History of Godzilla

Godzilla eating a train

Godzilla is not only a symbol of japan but also a worldwide icon of destruction. Despite his long and successful career as an onscreen villain, the character is one of the most well-known and popular movie monsters in movie history.

The legend of Godzilla, a giant monster that appears in Japanese films, dates back to 1954. Godzilla was the brainchild of film producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, who wanted to create a movie about a giant monster that wreaked havoc on Japan. The original Japanese film released in 1954, titled Gojira. The film became an instant classic in Japan. It was the first in a long line of movies about the giant monster, having filmed in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

The original Godzilla was a giant prehistoric monster awakened and mutated by an atomic bomb. Since then, Godzilla has been featured in 28 films produced by Toho Co. Ltd., the Japanese film company that created the character. In these films, Godzilla has been portrayed by several different suit actors and has battled against many monsters, including Mothra, Rodan, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, Biollante, and Monster X.

Throughout Godzilla’s film appearances, he’s had many different powers.

List of Godzilla’s Powers

Godzilla using his Atomic breath

Atomic Breath: Godzilla’s signature weapon begins when his dorsal spines glow ominously. He then opens his mouth and emits a terrific blast of radiation, like a dragon breathing fire. In recent films, Godzilla’s Atomic Breath appears light blue. Yet, other movies have depicted his power as red-orange, too, indicating an even more powerful impact.

Nuclear Pulse: Godzilla has, on many occasions, mostly while under extreme duress during combat with another monster, emitted atomic energy in all directions from his entire body. This short-range pulse has saved him in battles against Orga, Kaiser Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla.

Regeneration and Injury Resistance: Godzilla seems indestructible, having survived many battles with other monsters, but also the pressure and coldness of deep-sea trenches, submersion in magma, zero-oxygen environments, asteroid impacts, and much more. When he does sustain an injury, it’s often at the hands of another monster. Godzilla heals quickly, displaying a rapid regeneration ability like Marvel’s X-Men character Wolverine.

Strength: Throughout his many movies, Godzilla’s power varies. But, one thing remains certain: he is strong. He’s thrown Mechagodzilla, Kumonga, and many other monsters around. His biggest weapon of strength comes when he whips his powerful long tail around, striking his foes. Even his jaws and sharp teeth make a shark’s bite seem like a nibble.

Yes, he’s quite formidable, making him “The King of the Monsters.”

List of Godzilla’s Weaknesses

Electricity: Although you wouldn’t expect electrocution to bother the radioactive Titan, two movies (King Kong vs. Godzilla and Mothra vs. Godzilla) show how vulnerable Godzilla is to electricity. Oddly enough, other movies used lightning to revitalize him.

Cadmium: Godzilla shows an extreme weakness to the element cadmium. In elemental form, cadmium is a soft, silver-white metal. However, it’s most often found as complex oxides. It’s very toxic in real life, affecting kidneys and bones, and is a carcinogen by inhalation. Cadmium is a by-product of mining, smelting, and refining of zinc. In The Return of Godzilla, a hovercraft named Super X used cadmium missiles used to fight Godzilla.

Second brain: Godzilla’s weakest spot on his body, he has a second brain in his spine that, when injured, paralyzes the great Titan.

Bulk: Even though some older movies depicted Godzilla as fast-moving, recent films acknowledge his bulk by slowing his movements down. His large size limits the speed at which he can attack his foes.

History of King Kong

King Kong battling planes in the 1933 movie

King Kong is a large, hairy, gorilla-like creature first introduced to movie-goers in 1933’s King Kong. Since then, Kong has starred in many films and television shows.

For many, especially before Kong: Skull Island (2017), King Kong’s story is merely that of a giant ape and his love for a woman. But it’s actually so much more than that. It’s the story of a depression-era movie company looking to save money by moving their film crew from New York to South Africa. It’s the story of the countless people killed during the filming of what would become one of the greatest movies of all time. And it’s the story of the love between the ape and the girl. It’s a love story that makes you wonder: If a gorilla can fall in love, can a human?

The original 1933 movie introduced Kong to the world and Skull Mountain (referred to as Skull Island in Kong: Skull Island). Dubbed “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” Kong has endured almost a century of film and media to the delight of fans.

American filmmaker Merian C. Cooper conceived the idea of Kong after becoming fascinated by gorillas at the age of six. He continued his fascination with primates throughout his life until ultimately making a feature film – his “terror gorilla picture,” as he called it.

His hands and feet have the size and strength of steam shovels; his girth is that of a steam boiler. This is a monster with the strength of a hundred men. But more terrifying is the head—a nightmare head with bloodshot eyes and jagged teeth set under a thick mat of hair, a face half-beast half-human

-Merian C. Cooper, in a 1930 memo

Kong varied greatly in size over the last 90 years. In the 1933 movie King Kong, some scenes depicted Kong as 18 feet tall, while Kong: Skull Island depicted him at a whopping 104 feet. Based on the new Godzilla vs. Kong trailer, it seems like Kong nearly tripled in height since Skull Island’s 1973 events!

I want Kong to be the fiercest, most brutal, monstrous damned thing that has ever been seen!

-Merian C. Cooper

List of Kong’s Powers

Kong using a tree as a weapon

Semi-Human Intelligence: Although Kong is a ‘beast’, he still possesses a primate’s intelligence. Unlike other Titans, he uses objects like trees, vehicles, boulders, etc., as weapons. He thinks quickly on his feet and outsmarts his opponents.

Great Physical Strength: As expected, Kong has considerable strength. His powerful muscles, long arms, and massive fists make him a violently strong melee fighter.

Agile: Unlike other Titans, Kong’s agility gives him an upper hand in combat. Despite his massive size, Kong’s bipedal, upright stance and his hulking muscles give him explosive agility he uses to overwhelm his foes.

Atomic Breath Resistance: Best for those fights against Godzilla, Kong shows resistance against the King of All Monsters when hit with Atomic Breath. In the original Kong vs. Godzilla movie, Kong suffers some singed fur when hit with the blue blaze.

Durability: Kong demonstrates tireless durability while fighting, regardless of his opponent. He’s taken on planes, gunfire, dinosaurs, fire, other Titans, and much more. Basically, he’s the Rocky Balboa of Titans.

List of Kong’s Weaknesses

Size: Kong may appear gigantic by human standards, but when you size him up against a 365-foot tall Godzilla (Godzilla, 2014), his 104-foot height becomes quite significant. Obviously, Legendary Entertainment had to boost Kong’s size for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong film. The size difference would be laughable if they didn’t.

Armor: Unlike the lizard-like skin and scales of Godzilla and other Titans, Kong’s flesh and fur offer less protection. As a result, Kong’s lack of body armor makes him more vulnerable to injury than the other Titans.

So Who Would Win?

If history is a precursor to the possibilities of the future, I’d give Kong the advantage. He’s already 1-0 against Godzilla, after battling and beating him in King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962).

Then again, maybe there’s an implication with the name reversal in the new movie’s title?

Regardless, if you take Kong’s size increase into consideration for the new Godzilla vs. Kong movie set to premiere in March, my money’s on Kong.

Who do you think would win? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and if you’re new to the Monsterverse, check out this article! For an in-depth look into the Monsterverse, check out https://www.kaijubattle.net/legendary-monsterverse-movies.html

2 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Kong – Who Will Win the Battle of the Powerful Titans?”

  1. Really enjoyed your analysis here! I think that Godzilla could possibly win. But my reasoning is based on the first movie when Kong wasn’t inherently aggressive. He was protective and in love with a woman and only became violent when he had to defend himself against humans that misunderstood his motives. However, based off of the trailer, it looks like the humans trained Kong to fight and protect them, so I guess we’ll see!

    1. Great assessment and thank you for reading the article and taking the time to leave a comment! I hope Kong wins, but at the same time, I suspect this movie will turn out similar to Batman vs. Superman, where the two fight, then become allies to take on an even greater foe (like MechaGodzilla, maybe?!).

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