Seth Comire

Seth is the self-proclaimed biggest sci-fi fan in the history (and future) of the entire known and unknown universe. He runs and the I Heart Sci-Fi podcast. He can be found in his dungeon of an office/studio most of the time. Other times he cannot be found because he is hiking in the woods and it's quite difficult to see anything in the woods unless you wear bright orange, which he does not.

loki episode 3 feature image

Loki Season 1 Episode 3: Lamentis

The third episode of Loki is a doozie! We finally spend time away from the TVA and watch the two Lokis get to know each other. The episode name, Lamentis, is a reference to the apocalyptic moon both Lokis end up on after escaping the TVA headquarters.

Alien Sea of Sorrows Book Review – Non-Stop Action

I enjoyed Alien Sea of Sorrows, but I did not love it. But, it’s important to mention I read the book, rather than listened to the Audible Studios production. From what I’ve heard, the Audible version contains a full cast with music and sound effects, thus making for a better experience with Sea of Sorrows. 

Robert A. Heinlein: Love Him or Hate Him, He’s Still One of the Best

My interest piques when it comes to famous authors’ backgrounds. I consider it one of the best ways to understand what makes them “tick.” After all, it is our life experiences that shape our worldview. Robert A. Heinlein is known as one of science fiction’s best authors. He received numerous Hugo awards and three of …

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